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Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA)

Date of Incorporation:

The Seychelles Fishing Authority was established in August 1984 under Seychelles Fishing Authority (Establishment) Act
[31st August, 1984.]


Sector: Service and Development

Parent Ministry:

The Minister responsible for Fisheries

Ownership: 100% GoS

Business type: 



The official mandates of the SFA are defined under Section 5 of the Seychelles Fishing Authority (Establishment) Act of 1984. Its powers are defined under Section 6 of the same Act with additional, more specific powers defined under the Fisheries Act (2014) and the Fisheries Regulations (1987). SFA’s mandates as stipulated in the Establishment Act are:

(a) to promote, organize and develop fishing, fishing industries and fishing resources in Seychelles;

(b) to assist in the formulation of the national policy with respect to fishing, fishing industries and fishing resources and in the implementation of that policy;

(c) to conduct negotiations, or engage in meetings, seminars or discussions, with regard to fishing or fisheries or the establishment or operation of fishing industries, whether at a national or international level, on behalf of the Republic or otherwise;

(d) to identity the manpower training requirements of Seychelles with regard to fishing and fishing industries;

(e) Those mentioned in any other written law.

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