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audited financial statements



National Information Services Agency (NISA)

Date of establishment:

3rd May 2010

Established under NISA Act 2010

Sector: Services and Development

Parent Ministry:

The Minister responsible for Information

Ownership: 100% Gos

Business type: Agency


To publish the Seychelles Nation newspaper named “Seychelles Nation”.

core activities

The agency’s purpose is;


  • to operate as an agency for gathering and disseminating information in an efficient objector, impartial and cost-effective manner

  • to contribute to the development of the mass media in Seychelles

  • to promote economic, political, social and diplomatic interest of Seychelles, nationally and internationally

  • to contribute to national development and nation-building

  • to provide information support and to be an information outlet for the Government, national institutions and the public

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