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audited financial statements


Name :

Air Seychelles 

Date of Incorporation:

Air Seychelles was established in 1978

Sector: Transport

Parent Ministry:

The Minister responsible for Civil Aviation



100% GoS

Business Type:

Airline Company 


Air Seychelles goal is to be a profitable, high quality airline.

Air Seychelles seeks to reflect the best of Creole Hospitality, Culture and values, by treating their guests with unique Creole warmth.


By working with their partner, Etihad Airways, they're shaping bright future not only for the airline, but the Seychelles as a whole.

core activities

The principal activities of the Company are to provide commercial air transportation which includes passenger and cargo services on scheduled and charter basis. The Company also provides handling and lounge services to other carriers at the Seychelles
International Airport in Mahé and Praslin Domestic Airport.

Air Seychelles is committed and dedicated to making a clear and positive contribution to the communities in which it operates and in circumstances where it can make a real real different.


The Airline believes that investing in our communities is an integral part of its social commitment to ensure the sustained success of the company, through improved Financial performance, enhanced brand image and reputation, increased sales and customer loyalty and the ability to attract and retain employees by building it into our recognition and performance appraisal systems for the 4 company's employees.

The airline’s CSR programme is embedded within and reflects the core values of the company which: 

Delivering Best Practice, Inspiring our Customers, Caring About Details, Acting Positively, Taking responsibility whilst remaining focused on the company's Vision which is to be a leading airline in the Indian Ocean.

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