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Seychelles Trading Company Ltd Memorandum

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Seychelles Trading Company Limited (STC)

Date of Incorporation: 10th December 2007


Sector: Service and Development

Parent Ministry:

The Minister responsible for Trade

Ownership: 100% GoS

Business type: Company


STC took over some of the activities and assets of Seychelles Marketing Board (SMB) such as wholesale, retail and manufacturing operations. 

STC is now a trading company, with its core business being the imports, storage and distribution of essential and basic foods.

core activities

To company is:

  • to carry on the business as importer, wholesaler, retailer, distributor and exporter of all kinds of goods and products

  • to carry on the business as commission agent

  • to carry on the business as representative of manufacturers and distributors of goods

  • to own, buy, sell or otherwise deal in immovable property

  • to carry on any business in connection with any one or all the afore-mentions objects

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