Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA)

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SCAA Act, 2005





Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA)

Date of Establishement:

31st March, 2005

It was established under the Civil Aviation Authority Act, 2005.

Sector: Transport

Parent Ministry:

Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine

Ownership: 100% GoS

Business type: Authority


SCAA is an administrative and financial body, which provides for the services, facilities and regulation of civil aviation activities in Seychelles with the power to do anything for the purpose of discharging or facilitating the discharge of its functions.


SCAA has the following responsibilities: 

  • to maintain and manage the Authority’s aerodromes providing for the necessary services and facilities

  • to provide air traffic services within the Seychelles Flight Information Region

  • to provide for search and rescue within the Seychelles Search and Rescue Region

  • to provide fire fighting and rescue services and facilities at the Authority’s aerodromes

  • to regulate and promote the development of air transport

  • to advise government on all matters relating to civil aviation

  • to represent Seychelles internationally as the national body in all matters relating to civil aviation

  • to perform any other function as delegated by the Minister under the Civil Aviation Act

contact details

Head Office: PO Box 181, Seychelles International Airport, Pointe Larue, Mahé, Seychelles

Tel: +248 438 40 00

Fax: +248 437 43 61


          Public Enterprise Monitoring Commission
           3rd Floor, Sunshine House, P.O. Box 593,

          Victoria, Republic of Seychelles


    Phone: +248 4303490   

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