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audited financial statements


Name: L'Union Estate Company Limited

Date of Incorporation:

9th October  1984 


Service and Development

Parent Ministry:

The Minister responsible for Industry 

Ownership: 100% GoS

Business type:



L'Union has the following responsibilities :


  •  to construct or contract for the construction and to operate a craft village consisting of kiosks and vendors of curios, clothing crafts, and to other goods aimed at the tourist market.

  •  to construct or contract for the construction and to operate a cultural village showcasing the cultures of Seychelles.

  • to provide tourists visitors with an array of folklore and cultural activities.

  • to construct or conduct for the construction and operate an international exhibition center.

  • to construct or contract for the construction to manage and to [possibly subcontract the management of chalets accommodation for tourists.

core activities

L’Union Estate is a national heritage site and its principal activity is to cultivate land for vegetables and fruits and it is also engaged in poultry and pig farming.


It is also responsible for the up keep and maintenance of the Estate and charges a fee to overseas visitors to enjoy the use of the premises.

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