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audited financial statements




Seychelles Commercial Bank (SCB)

Date of Incorporation:

28th July, 1992

Sector: Banking/ Financial

Parent Ministry:

The Minister responsible for Finance

Ownership: 60% Gos

Business type:

Financial institution


The principal activity of the Bank consists of the
provision of banking and financial services in Seychelles.

core activities

The bank's functions is:

•    to establish and carry on in the Seychelles the business of banking in all its branches and to transact financial business of every description

•    to carry on the business of banking in every aspect in the Seychelles including but not limited to the transaction of all monetary and other business carried out by financial institutions

•  to sell and realise the proceeds of sale of any promissory notes, debentures, stock receipts, bonds, annuities, stocks, shares, securities, goods or immovable properties which, or the documents relating to which have been deposited with, or pledged, mortgaged, charged, assigned or transferred to the Company as security for such advances, loans or credit, or which are held by the company or over which the  company is entitled to a lien or charge in respect of any such advances, loans or credits or any debts or claims of the Company, and which have not been redeemed in due time in accordance with the terms and conditions

•    to provide, effect, insure, guarantee, underwrite, participate in managing and carrying out any issue, public or private or State municipal or other loans or of shares, stocks, debentures or debenture stock of any business enterprise and to lend money for the purpose of any such issue

•    to guarantee loans, debts and credits raised or incurred by or granted to any business enterprise

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